Chasing the Storms

Brief: Breaking/Reconstructing the News

We produce and access vast amounts of information every day. Through the information networks we inhale ultra-fast cycles of news reporting that often focus on what’s happening “right now” but don’t always allow for the background information to be explored giving the reader more context and meaning. How often have you been bombarded with a story by the media for several days, only to feel dissatisfied when the news agenda moves on and the story is left incomplete?

Outcome: A feature article that fills a large two-page spread with at least one data visualisation clarifying complex matters to a reader. Printed in 1 or 2 colour(s) on Riso.

The article I made took inspiration from the Red Bull Storm Chase competition, where wind surfers travel to windsurf in some of the most massive storms in the world. So I thought it could be interesting to see where in UK & Ireland you would have the best chances of windsurfing in conditions alike. Weather data have then been collected from locations during the past 4 years and made in to detailed visualisations in order to give overview of the best locations and how severe the weather conditions have been.