I’m Jacob, a graphic designer who took the journey from Denmark to London, exploring my love to graphic design. I have experience in branding, visual identity design and environmental design. Working within all stages of the design process from the ideation all the way to production.

Currently working at them

2011:  Creative Media, Short Course, Hansenberg Denmark
2012-2015:  Media graphic design, Hansenberg, Denmark
2015-2018:  (BA) Graphic design, Ravensbourne University
2013- 2015:  Graphic design trainee, A-TEX Denmark
2015:  Graphic designer, A-TEX Denmark
2017 :  Graphic design intern, Missouri Creative
2017 :  Graphic design intern, Studio Pensom
2018 :  Graphic design intern, Them Design
2018- :  Graphic designer, Them Design
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