Visit – Pick Me Up (at Somerset House)

First time attending Somersets graphics arts festival “Pick Me Up”. Exciting, fun and surprisingly good! A heaven of graphic design and illustration, which showed new designers as well established, and lots of possibilities to get engaged with the design and exhibition.

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Visit – God’s Own Junkyard

Imagine walking into a carnival fair in the summer evening with a ice cone in one hand and a camera in the other. That’s the feeling you get when you walk into the gallery God’s Own Junkyard. There are so much light and so many colors, that you don’t really know where to look.

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Visit: London Design Museum

As a part of the Critical Design Thinking workshop we visited the London Design Museum, to see some of their recent exhibitions they had on show. A visit that later actually got me to use my excellent skill of being a Dane, and do a research into one of the exhibited designs.

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Visit: It’s Nice That


It’s Nice That is a studio that were started in 2007 by the two straight out of Uni guys, Alex & Will. Their core idea of starting something where they can celebrate the graphic business, has now grown into a studio with 20 creative designers & writers. Continue reading “Visit: It’s Nice That”