Project – Cheap Poster

A short brief, where we were told to choose a movie, ours being Edward Scissorhands, and then go to the street to find “trash” that we could use to create this poster. Quite odd and weird project to do, especially when I was the only one, who hadn’t seen the movie, so I was on a spare ticket in regard of what to find.

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Project – Letterpress Business Card

A project I started in the letterpress room along with the assistance of Kim Vousden. I has taken me two and half working days to complete, and yet I’m not quite done. I still need to figure out if I want to use another paper quality, and what precise ink I want to use. So I will probably go back and print even more when I’ve decided on that.  Continue reading “Project – Letterpress Business Card”

Projects – Collect, Analyse & Reassemble (Collecting & Idea Development)

Starting on this project I was in big doubt on what to actually collect. Because all my stuff was left back in Denmark, and I really didn’t have anything with to London, except my clothes. So the question was, should I start a new collection or should be creative with something around me.

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