Talks – Helga Steppan

Sara’s friend Helga Steppan came in to do a talk a couple of weeks ago. Helga is an artist working with exhibitions, installations and personal art projects. Where one of her most known projects is from her bachelor degree, where she divided all her stuff into colors to create different collections. There where a lot of things to take from the talk, also depending on who you where and what your interests are. I’ve listed down my notes and the things I took from the talk.

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Talks – Alison Fielding at the “Cover Club”

As suggested by Sara, the Cover Club talk with Allison Fielding presented an interesting evening. A down to earth talk, with Allison Fielding from Beggars Group, sitting in the warm chair with an interviewer asking her questions. With her you get the example of an self criticizing type maniac, who were brutally honest when she didn’t like something, but at the same time kept the humor and the mood light.

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Hothouse Talk – Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins founded TripleDouble, a multidisciplinary one-man agency, which helps creating collaborative projects for individuals. Paul was the second guest speaker on the list of people to make the hothouse talk, and was a talk I looked a bit more forward to, because I hadn’t seen him before as with That’s Nice.

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Hothouse Talks – It’s Nice That


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