Workshop – Drawing (Site-specific Poster)

Finally done with brushing up the site-specific poster for the drawing workshop. I had drawn the image in the library, and wanted to scan it to the computer, so I could edit the last touches on the computer, and create the effect I wanted for the drawing.

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Workshop – Drawing

The second workshop that involves drawing took place last week. The workshop was divided into two different modules. The first module called “If buildings could talk” and the second module part called “Circle Line reportage.” Both modules making us look at either objects or people and try to record the behaviour, mood, expressions etc..

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Workshop – Critical Design Thinking

Hopefully I will be better at posting my posts in the new year, because I’m feeling it’s going a bit to slow with making fresh posts at the moment. But as the blog starts to take more shape, I start to enjoy making the posts more and more. On that site-note I can say, that I enjoyed this week even more than I’m starting to like writing these posts. It was a week with tasks that forced us to start thinking about what we are doing, and what we want to do with our work. So it was not just to make some work, but actually make work that was well thought.

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Workshop – Mark making

Drawing, my perhaps weakest side when it comes to skills within graphic design. I have never had the patience to get around drawing and getting the experience and flow. So my hope is that this week and the drawing workshop after new year will ignite some sort of spark within me, so I can get going with drawing and sketching. None the less I still looked forward to this week and seeing what it would bring.

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Workshop – Letterpress

Typography and print; two of my favorite topics within Graphic Design combined into the awesome old fashioned printing style of letterpress. A method that is slowly dying due to newer and more convenient way of printing. But none the less, this has a lot more charm to it, and gives the final artwork more touch and detail. So what can be more awesome than this?

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Workshop – Animation

A really interesting workshop, with introduction to stop animation, time to create our own stop animation and feedback from the tutor that made you want to continuo on the work. As mentioned, the workshop was about stop animation, here Adrian introduced us to this form of animation through 5-6 animations that had been made by others.

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Workshop – Applications



The 3rd week of our workshop rotations was an introduction to some of the platforms that’s commonly used in graphic design. Firstly we were introduced to Photoshop through a tutorial from Ricardo, followed up with a brief of making a business card. The second platform was Indesign, which again was presented through a tutorial by Ricardo, and then followed up by a brief. All the tutorials was meant as small introductions to the programs, so we could explore them further by ourself.

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Workshop – Screen Print


Our second workshop was about screenprint, which is one of the things about graphic design I enjoy most. I love to get my hands on things, feel it and I especially love the look it gets when it’s been handmade. So i was really looking forward to this workshop.

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