I’m Jacob, a Aarhus based graphic designer, design director and nice guy with over 5 years of industry experience from both London and Denmark.
Design that connects

I design with a philosophy of creating compelling solutions which excites and engages in a way that can make an impact and connect with audiences. Making the solutions distinct, behavioral, cultural, and most importantly, memorable.​​​
My approach to design

I believe in creating honest, powerful work that stands out, resonates and is driven by purpose. Committing to thorough research that uncover the story and what distinguishes a business, organisation or product.
While striving to create visual identities and storytelling that reflects a brands personality, brings the environments in the spaces where we live and move to life and makes audience engage.
I work on a lot of things, but specialise in
Brand strategy
Concept development
Visual Identity & Storytelling

Placemaking & Place Branding
Environmental design
Exhibition graphics

Graphic Design
Brand Implementation
Design for Print
Brochures & Editorial