Project – Utterly Moving Words

Last project for the year was called Utterly Moving Words, a project where we had to create a typographic based movie. The project was helped along with a lot of tutorials, and had to be minimum 20 seconds long.

The tutorial from Matthew about creative writing was a big help in creating the text for the movie. I decided to go on and edit some quotes I found about the scene. As well as helping with the text, it also helped with creating the idea of what kind of movie, and what style it should be.

From doing some research and looking at other movies in this style. I decided that I wanted to do something, where the typography and the live scenes work together and create a dynamic but a strong way of delivering the message of the text.

Before heading out to make the shots from places in London, I set up to figure out which places I wanted to go to, and from there walk around and hoping to be lucky and find something cool.

I took a lot of different shots, so I would have something to work with, when I got back, and had to edit it with the text.

When looking at the shots it became clear that the best way to create some strong effects and interaction with the shots and the typography would be to it in a way, so that the actions in the shots would kinda curate the typography. So a guy walking would for example maybe drag some text in or reveal it. As well would the shots be used to emphasize the text. So for example when the guy takes away some text, the text might be gone.

So this is the final outcome.

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