Visit – Pick Me Up (at Somerset House)

First time attending Somersets graphics arts festival “Pick Me Up”. Exciting, fun and surprisingly good! A heaven of graphic design and illustration, which showed new designers as well established, and lots of possibilities to get engaged with the design and exhibition.

The show up were big, and you were met by the big bold handmade typography which had been for this years Pick Me Up festival.

Below you can see my favourite picks from the different sections of the exhibition.


Heavily influenced by illustration artist, I didn’t find this part as enjoyable as I would have had if there had been more graphic designers on show. Though two people came to my attention as their design appealed to me. One by the typography, and the other with the experimentation of printing methods.




A brilliant part of the festival, which shows design collectives from London, and gives you a lot of opportunities to engage and create something of your own. All focused on traditional printing methods, which is really cool.


Alan Kitching

Pick Me Up celebrates Alan Kitching’s long career as a letterpress master by showing of his works through all of his life. Extremely interesting and inspiring ways of using type and printing methods to create design.


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