Design Spotlight – United Creatives

As I wrote the last blog post on Designer of the Week, Turner Duckworth, I was drinking a Brewdog beer, and I really enjoyed the design and feel of their label. So I set my self the goal to find the people behind this neat labelling. The search ended up with me investing in Brewdog stocks, and finding a studio in Manchester called “United Creatives”.

United Creatives have a ton on cool work on their website, and their way of producing their work is even more interesting. For the labelling for Brewdog, which took about a year to finalise, they did it the old fashioned way through letterpress. Something Brewdog actually blogged a lot about when the design process was going on.

And the final piece is really cool and original. Something that shows what is possible with letterpress, if you use in the correct way.

Again I find some of the most interesting graphic within labelling and alcoholic brands. And United Creatives have made plenty of it. And two of their other projects are also within that, where they used letterpress for one of them.


You should definitely have a look at their website,, as there is graphic design for every style and taste

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