Tutorial – Adventurous writing

As a start point to our new project, “Utterly Moving Words”, we had an workshop on writing, as we have to find our own script for the project. A project where we have to create a curated typographic moving image piece.

Matthew gave a lecture about how to understand image, text and sound, and most important of all, the concept & idea behind how image, text and sound work together. Either to give you three options for further development of an idea or project, to work together as a triangle and create great moving images or how to translate one of the elements to the other.

It can be used by scaling the size of the text to create a louder sound. BarkBarkBark!

Or it can give you the options of taking work from paper based to digital based. In all it just gives you the options of developing and thinking further with your work. So instead of just being visual, it can be something that moves the viewer by sound or by making them read instead of see.

After the lecture about how these things work together, we had the brief of making film (image/sound) into text. We had to watch the ending scene of “Eternal Sunshine in a Spotless Mind”, and from a work sheet write objective descriptions, subjective reflections, found text/dialogue etc.. This would then create the outline of the text we have to use for our project “Utterly Moving Words”.


After watching the movie and writing down all the observations, I highlighted the quotes I like the most, and this will then be the text I will work with going forward with this project.

More to come later!

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