Visit – God’s Own Junkyard

Imagine walking into a carnival fair in the summer evening with a ice cone in one hand and a camera in the other. That’s the feeling you get when you walk into the gallery God’s Own Junkyard. There are so much light and so many colors, that you don’t really know where to look.

Looking at all of the neon signs, a lot comes clear to me, and what I kinda like. And finding the sign that I loved the most got down do a few signs quite easily. I like it the most when they are just neon, and have some kind of background in terms of metal or wood. Mostly because of the way they look and how you can see that they have been hand carved and are original and simple in the look.

But my favourite one, if I had to choose from all the signs I noticed during the visit, must be the “Studio” one.


Again because it looks so original, and you can see that it has been handmade. It doesn’t look cheap, and then the applause sign in front of it, just makes it a bit cooler as well.


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