Design Spotlight – Turner Duckworth

A studio called Turner Duckworth is where I’ve putted my focus this time. It’s an agency, so the design follows that, and it is very commercially and professional in the expression. So maybe not that interesting for illustrators, but my god it is so beautiful!! Both in the design and the way it’s presented.

They’ve helped Levi’s rebranding their brand + making a strategy to make it a brand that is just as easy recognizable as brands like Nike’s “Swoosh” and Apples.. Yeah “apple”. It is really interesting to see, and the video they have on their page is just amazing, and really teach you something about how to think when branding.

Then you can also combine three things that always makes up for some interesting design, packaging, graphic design and alcohol. For me some of the most interesting and beautiful designs is in packaging, and especially the labels for bottles. The possibilities of how to express the brand and their values are so open, and the result is almost always beautiful. In this case Turner Duckworth is also nailing it with the design for Glenlivet’s packaging design.


If you wanna see more, you can have a look at their website,

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