Project – Cheap Poster

A short brief, where we were told to choose a movie, ours being Edward Scissorhands, and then go to the street to find “trash” that we could use to create this poster. Quite odd and weird project to do, especially when I was the only one, who hadn’t seen the movie, so I was on a spare ticket in regard of what to find.

Having found a lot of different stuff, the talk in regard of how to use the different materials were interesting, and we found some interesting solutions. The most interesting ones being the use of the story foam. Which we in the beginning just wanted to use as snow, to illustrate that he made it “snow” when he made the ice sculpture. (Yes I saw the movie afterwards). But as we made the snow, we could see, that we could shape the story foam as animals, just like what Edward did with bushes in the movie.


The final result has a lot of good and creative solutions, but as a poster it’s not quite working. There is just something to it, which doesn’t make it feel like a poster, but just a normal image instead.

That said, there is still something to take from this mini project, as it shows what you can create with alternative materials, and it makes you think creatively with things that are around you.

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