Projects – Collect, Analyse & Reassemble (Collecting & Idea Development)

Starting on this project I was in big doubt on what to actually collect. Because all my stuff was left back in Denmark, and I really didn’t have anything with to London, except my clothes. So the question was, should I start a new collection or should be creative with something around me.

After some brainstorming, I came to the conclusion, that the best idea and most creatively free idea, would be to use my collections of pins on Pinterest. I have around 1.2k pins, so there is definitely a good starting ground. In first I didn’t like the idea, as I found it a bit to easy found, and the fact that is just laying online, and isn’t really a collection as you maybe have in your house.


But the concept of Pinterest is a really exciting topic to dig into. Pinterest themself describes the site as a visual bookmarking tool to discover and save creative ideas. Which is spot on, and exactly what I use it for.

The collection is there, and it’s huge, but through the time, I have created several differen ‘boards’. The boards I’ve created to keep a system in my collection and separate the pins into categories. Categories which either interest me, or something I find useful and cool.

Another thing I realized, as I was looking through my collection of pins and boards, was that two of the boards where shared boards. Something which allows you to find inspiration with other people, so that you can either use it together, or just to inspire people.

The concept

Connects, Inspiration & Ideas – The three words which summarise Pinterest when I look at it. And three words I want to transfer to my project when I analyse and reassemble this vast collection. I want to show how pinterest is used, whether it’s for the good or the bad. Because it can be used for both. So how does it connect people, what can this connection be used for. What kind of inspiration does it give, and what ideas follows from the inspiration. Is it just inspiration for a recreation, is it inspiration for an idea which is completely new, or is the inspiration something that is worth being celebrated in future design, and how can it be used to create something new.

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