Talks – Helga Steppan

Sara’s friend Helga Steppan came in to do a talk a couple of weeks ago. Helga is an artist working with exhibitions, installations and personal art projects. Where one of her most known projects is from her bachelor degree, where she divided all her stuff into colors to create different collections. There where a lot of things to take from the talk, also depending on who you where and what your interests are. I’ve listed down my notes and the things I took from the talk.

For me her work isn’t that inspiring, and I find it hard to see how I can relate my own work to hers. So instead I tried to focus on her ideas and her way on working, and how that would be able to help me in the project.

  • The obvious one; collecting things according to color, value or material to create a collection, which maybe not excited before.
  • Creating a “new world/universe” with a collection. Where it could be assembled or distorted by f.ex. mirrors.
  • How the collection objects relate to its surroundings.
  • Using people to get a larger collection by having them lend you things.
  • Creating new effects and applying them to the collection, so the collection suddenly becomes new, or things become a collection.

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