Projects – Soundtrack of Our Lives (Idea development)

I decided that my three songs would be; Swing Republic – Fall, Disclosure – You & Me, Peking Duk – High. All three songs which have an affection on me, each in a different way, whether it’s a relation to a memory, or the song just gives me a buzz whenever I listen to it.

You can see all the videos here:


While listening to the songs I made my brainstorm, one for each song. I only allowed myself to listen to each song 3 three times while I was making the brainstorm. As it then only allowed me to write down the thoughts the songs created in my head, and not thoughts that where created by outside surroundings. After writing the brainstorm, I tried to figure out what separates the tracks, such as the color & mood of the track, what situation & which place you would listen to it.


Further Research

After my brainstorm I did some further research to see if I could find something that had any relations to the ideas I already had.

TSOOR - Research-07

As I was looking, and stumbled upon below poster, and idea sprung to my head. The way the poster was divided into three’s, could easily be transferred to my songs. Especially because the songs reminded me of three stages in life; when you wake for the first time, you’re living your life & you fading out in. So I wanted to work on the idea of three songs being these three stages, and they would somehow be produced as a series of posters that illustrated this.

TSOOR - Research-08

Working on the idea

I started two write down in my sketchbook ways of creating the series with the outer theme being the three stages.


I also like the expression from the handdrawn type I had made during my research, so I also tried to make a sketch for an layout, which where inspired by Ian Gabb. Along with a talk from Matthew, I wrote comments down to this, and scribbled down some ideas for the visual design and the elements within the design.

One outcome I really like, was the expression of the three songs, where each song would be illustrated by shapes; one that is very energized and static (Disclosure – You & Me), one that is very fluid and lively (Swing Republic – Fall) and one which is fading out (Peking Duk – High). All of which would illustrate the feeling the songs gives me.


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