Projects – Soundtracks of Our Lives (Research)

On to the first project giving by the uni, Soundtracks of Our Lives, a project where we had to create minimum three posters that tells the feelings three different songs evoke within us. The first thing to do, was to do research of the other graphic designers and artist’s, who are known for their work in the music industry. Something that should help giving the idea about what good design for music posters is, what is a good or bad practice to do, and maybe give some inspiration in what kind of direction you want to take the work.

My first way of doing this process, was almost collecting a vast collection of moodboards of all the things that I found interesting, whether it was a graphic style, a color, a mood the design created or a quote. As I hadn’t chosen any songs, everything was taking in, because I didn’t filtr to whether it would fit the songs or not.

After having collected all the research I went in to analyzing it, and trying to see what the design mean, and what the designer is trying to do with the design. At the same time also writing down all my thoughts when looking at the design. Whether it was ways of working with the design, for example their technique or their usage of effects. Or just a graphic style I liked, which may could be used as an idea for an overall theme for my three posters.


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