Talks – Alison Fielding at the “Cover Club”

As suggested by Sara, the Cover Club talk with Allison Fielding presented an interesting evening. A down to earth talk, with Allison Fielding from Beggars Group, sitting in the warm chair with an interviewer asking her questions. With her you get the example of an self criticizing type maniac, who were brutally honest when she didn’t like something, but at the same time kept the humor and the mood light.

She talked a lot about the usage of type and images, and how they collide to make great graphic design. Her design was directed against print, which came to show during the Q&A, as people asked about her design interacting with the online world, and she coldly rejected taking any consideration to that. The serious side of the talk she broke up with lighted stories about the different artists she worked with.

One of the great examples of her design is the design for Mark Lanegan’s album. Where the type inside is a pleasure for the eye, and the detail of the outside label to seal the cover gives the design something special.

More work from Beggars Group can be seen at 4ad’s website.

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