Design Spotlight – Paul Belford Ltd

His name is Paul Belford, and he primarily design editorial design and branding for companies or individual persons. He has established this design collective, and now is working together with four other designers. Even though a lot of his work maybe isn’t to my taste (a bit to clean, if you ask me), he still have small diamonds in between, which are absolutely worth having a look at.

As said, most of his design is a bit to clean and minimalistic for me, but there are still great things to be learnt from his design. It’s composition and usage of white space is brilliant, it compels to people, and make the product communicate it’s message clearly.

And then there are the peaches in between, which I absolutely love. They have that bit more of an edge to them, and make them stand out as something special. Whether it’s the whole design, as with the wine bottle, or if it’s a detail with usage of a single color on a black and white publication.

You can see all his projects on his website,

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