Project – Thinking It and Saying It (2nd edition)

Last work from the Critical Design Thinking is now done. I couldn’t get moving with the first idea for the project, I desided, that I would take a step back and have a look at the two other ideas I had. The Idea I decided to move along with was the metaphysic idea, “What I think, but what I say”.

The idea

The idea is to get the message across, of when you sometimes say something thats either, not thought through, so you end up saying something you didn’t mean at all, or you say something, which other then misunderstand because of the perception they already have.


The graphic style

I had an idea in my head about the typography being made in a distressed way. So what I said/thought, would be typography which had this kind of thinking bubble effect, and what was misunderstood/I said, would be made in some kind of dramatic effect, because in these situations things actually become more dramatic than they really are. I also had an clear idea of the two sentences interfering with each other.

The quote

First of all, I needed a quote to use. So I sat down and tried to write and come up with different quotes by testing out how they work and collaborate with each other. I edited a lot, and made small tweaks to make the lines of the quotes fit better, and changed the words to some that were better sounding.


The style & color

With the right quote, I then went on to work with the graphic style and trying out different colors. I had found a cool style for the text and the background that I liked, and then tried to tweak the graphics and the colors to see if I would get a better result from that.

In the beginning I chose the one in the middle, but as I came towards the end, I could see that the result wasn’t legible enough, so I decided on the green instead, as I really like how the typography’s collaborated with each other.

The background with the sound waves coming from the quote, is designed, with the idea of all the sound waves we create when we talk, and all the hundreds of different possibilities there is of perceiving the things we say.

Final touches & cover

Some correction in the color and the typography where made, in order to get the most out of the design.  When I was done with the poster, I created the front and back cover. They where made from the same principle, but i changed the colors, because I didn’t want them to be completely look-a-like. The cover also have a gradient between the page to separate them, as well have I made the backside with a different pattern.



Taking a step back and starting up on one of the other ideas, was probably the best thing I could have done for myself. It is one of those times were it paid of, and I think it looks so cool. I’m especially fund of the cover, as it is eye-catching because of the colors and the dynamic in the color. Whereas the poster for the inside, is something you have to see in close distance to see everything, which is perfect.


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