Workshop – Drawing (Site-specific Poster)

Finally done with brushing up the site-specific poster for the drawing workshop. I had drawn the image in the library, and wanted to scan it to the computer, so I could edit the last touches on the computer, and create the effect I wanted for the drawing.

The idea of my poster sprung from the brief “If buildings could talk,” where it initially sprung to my head, that library would have a lot of things to tell, and a lot of letters and different typographies inside it’s books. Therefor I wanted to have the graphic focus on a combination between drawing and typography. Because of this, I’ve called it “The voices of the library.”

Angles of the drawing


These are the different angles, I was considering drawing the library from, and after making a quick sketch from the top left angle, I decided to go with that angle combined with the chairs. I chose that angle because it would allow me to have the most surface for my typography, without taking any focus away from the vast collection of books there is. I could also see that it would create a bit old-fashioned look, because I could take in the wall/windows, which beside creating the old-fashion look also created the the feeling of it being a cosy place to read.


Drawing process


1 – I started out drawing everything up with a pencil, using a ruler to create all the perspective lines. This allowed me to erase whenever I made a mistake, which there were lots of; Chairs being to small or having the wrong angle; The perspective in the window being wrong etc..

2 – When I was satisfied with the drawing, I took a pen and drew everything up again. This would allow me to draw additional things, such as the text, and then edit it without ruining the part that I’ve already finished. At the same time it also gives a more precise scan to work with.

3 – Drawing the typography and trying to find a style for the letters and a placement. As I worked, the surface became to small, so I decide I would do the typography in illustrator, as this would allow me some more creative freedom. As I knew that I also wanted to darken some of the surfaces, this was a good idea.

Illustrator process

Once scanned, I took the scan through Photoshop to create some more contrast in the lines. Once that was done, I used Image trace in illustrator to transform the image into vector. Quick and simple, and gave the feel of it being a bit rugged, which I liked.

During the process, I made new sentences for the typography, as some of it fitted better. Where it was necessary I also tried out some different positions, such as for example the “logo” for the poster. As well as that, I also made quickly drawn sketches onto the poster, to see how I would place the words and create the layout. The last image is all the different things I had laying outside my artboard, which is some of the unused graphics, and some of the process and sketches.

Once I was happy with my layout, I started to play around with the color. I wanted to find the right colors for the print, so that they would help creating the look I wanted to give to the poster. I ended up choosing the Mintgreen/Indigoblue one, as it have the perfect balanced between the colors, so the readability would be the best. They also give the feeling of some old and vintage, but not to old, and still is a bit fresh.

Skærmbillede 2016-01-26 kl. 14.39.41


I had a hard time choosing which color to use, as I also like the Yellow/Black and the Grey/Darkblue. But I feel fairly confident that the mint/indigo colors are the best. Some of the perspective could also have been a little better, as could some of the spacing in the typography. But in all I’m fairly happy with the result. I’ve always wanted to do this kind of illustration/drawing, and I think the result turned out good.


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