Design Spotlight – Henrik Linden

As fancy as I am, I’m gonna call this category DotW (Designer of the Week). For the first post this is gonna be a bit of a weird suggestion of a Graphic Designer/Illustrator to keep an eye on, because he actually doesn’t have a portfolio with all his work. Instead, he has an Pinterest site, which is boomed with all kinds of goodies from graphic design, to clothing, to food.

superiorvintage_1432200632_280He is a graphic designer from Sweden and an old colleague of mine. He made a lot of cool stuff, and was very diverse in his style, but always had an consistency and never made poor choices in graphics and typography. He’s strong forces is inside clothing, where he also works. This can also be seen in his graphics as they where heavily influenced by typography, symbols and illustrations.

So as he actually doesn’t have portfolio I can show, I’m posting this as an heavy thumps up for the site Pinterest. Pinterest is a site where you can pin every piece of inspiration you find on the internet onto your own board and thereby save it. At the same time you can follow other people, and see what kind of things they have found… and steal it. šŸ˜‰ Henrik is a guy whoĀ has one of the biggest collections of inspirational stuff. So when you’re creating a Pinterest, he is one of the best persons to start following.Ā See his PinterestĀ site hereĀ 

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