Projects – 100 Briefs

A long and exhausting day, which had everybody sitting and starring out into the air, making a desperat attempt of getting their brain to think or feel something. What started as a day energized people, ready for everything, where taken to the test by Sara’s 100 briefs in a day project.

I’ve included some quick snapshots of my outcomes from the day. Outcomes that were each a new idea created from a brief. The briefs were 2 minutes long each, so it didn’t allow us to do anything else but think. There were no time to sit and be annoyed about having no ideas, or to think if your idea is good or bad. You had to come with an outcome on the spot.

Looking back it was a really fun and exhausting exercise, that challenged you brain and creativity. But gave a platform to start thinking really creative. It doesn’t give your brain time to think about the possibility of having an idea block. And none the less, it was really inspiring.

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