Workshop – Drawing

The second workshop that involves drawing took place last week. The workshop was divided into two different modules. The first module called “If buildings could talk” and the second module part called “Circle Line reportage.” Both modules making us look at either objects or people and try to record the behaviour, mood, expressions etc..

If Buildings Could Talk

Just as we got into the studio, when we’re sent away again with the task “If buildings could talk”. She talked about the other group having some warm up exercises before they where given the task. Which seemed like some kind of fun and a kind of good way to get started and in to it, but apparently we didn’t do it.

We had to try and use different drawing techniques, and with draw five drawings of the building, where we had to try and capture the emotions and mood of the room and think about what the building is trying to say, if it only could. One of the rooms I wish to draw, but haven’t drawn yet, is the library. Because I have a good idea for that. The idea is linked with the last task, which is to design an A3 poster.

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Circle Line Reportage

Second module took place in the lively tunnels of the London Underground, or more specific, the Circle Line. We had to go on the Underground, and draw people, architecture, trains etc. as they came and went. That meant we didn’t have much time to do it.



I found it fun to do, and a good way to practice drawing on the go. Why wouldn’t you? You sit any do nothing if you aren’t drawing. In this module I tried to use different markers and pens to try and see what would give the most interesting result.  The two results that turned the best, was, funny enough, one of the drawings where I just quickly scribbled humans inside the train. The other one is the last one I made (the guy walking with a trolley), where I tried to use the different width of a marker to create the difference between horizontal and vertical lines, as well as the outlines of the drawing and the details of the drawing. This gave a cool effect, and with more practice it could become a cool way of drawing.


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