Visit: London Design Museum

As a part of the Critical Design Thinking workshop we visited the London Design Museum, to see some of their recent exhibitions they had on show. A visit that later actually got me to use my excellent skill of being a Dane, and do a research into one of the exhibited designs.

The two exhibitions that caught my interest was “Cycle Revolution” and “Designs of the Year 2015“. Cycle Revolution because of it being relevant to me as a cyclist in London City, and Design of the Year 2015 as it’s relevant to the workshop, (read about the workshop) with some the newest designs, where everything had been taking into consideration. From colors and shapes to the message they are trying to send or create, whether it’s serious or for fun.

Cycle Revolution

Cycle Revolution is an exhibition about celebrating the diversity of contemporary cycling in Britain from every day commuting to Olympic level. It tries brings together bicycles, clothing, accessories, equipment, film and photography to explain where cycling was, where it is now and where it might be in the future.

As a person with love to vintage things, one of the things I stumbled hard upon, was this suit with built in reflex lights. Isn’t that amazing and cool? What charismatic man wouldn’t love to take the bike in this suit?.

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Again it can’t come as an surprise one of the other things I loved was the vintage bicycle saddles. They must be quite uncomfortable, but the look of them is so iconic and cool.

Brooks Saddles

Besides these things the exhibition features basically everything it promises. There is everything from the vintage things, to the Tour de France and then to the futuristic things. So if you’re just a tiny bit a geek for vintage, cycling, futuristic etc.. you will find this exhibition interesting.

Designs of the Year 2015

It’s brilliant to see all these innovative projects and designs. Some which may be a bit to technically and geeky to catch my interest. But there is certainly a lot of beautiful and interesting design to look at, whether it’s from the streamlined shapes of the big BMW i8 in the middle of the room, or to the tiny things such as a micro chip. For the exhibition the London Design Museum have made an interactive feature, which combines a phone and different places in the room, where you can use the phone to ask interactive questions about the design.


Again I’m gonna pinpoint two things that where exhibited. The first one is the Glasgow International Festival 2014. I like that the design only uses a minimal amount of needs to create the message. It’s well thought that’s for sure, especially when you look and think about the use of type only. A type that where created with a paint brush. Which is a pretty cool and well executed idea.

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The last one is the one I talked about in the beginning. It’s the specimen for the Norwegian Nationalbank new notes. It shows the eight proposed ideas which where pitched from eight different designers and artists. Everything was written in Norwegian, but as a Dane I could easily understand about 95% of it. I loved how you could read all the thoughts behind every design, and then read the committees thoughts and comments on it as well.  So I decided to find this specimen on my laptop and make my own thoughts on the different proposed ideas. Read the post here.


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