Project – Thinking It and Saying It (1st edition)

Alright, so here we go. This will be the first proper project I’m gonna make. It is a brief set by Sara in the Critical Design Thinking workshop. The brief is about creating something critically challenging and innovative. So what’s the task? I have to create a front- and backpage for a fanzine, where I can choose my subject from of the six pillars of design philosophy (Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics, Politics)

As this will be my blog post about a project, I will then post all the processes I go through, and I will probably post during the process, as I do now. So please give me some constructive critique or ideas if you have any! Once I’m done with the project, I will then post it as a separate page on my webpage, which in the end will form my portfolio.

So as you probably notice, the image that I have used to create this, is the same as I used for the featured image in my post about the workshop. It is, and I used it there because I though it suited the other blogpost well (creating the red thread), you can read it here. But at the same time, I will also say that the image is not mine, and is only used as this is just a school project. So all credits to Jim Tsingano for the image.

The Process

In the brief Sara writes “What is your idea of beauty”, and a long with an image I saw in a presentation she did, I got the idea of something like “Your mind is dirty – Clear up your mind”. I thought the sentence was really cool, and I had an great idea for how to do it.

But before starting anything, I wanted to think things through by making a brainstorm (as the brief also told us to do).


From the brainstorm I chose three main ideas to work from, and see what they can become when you really start to think about how execute it. All three ideas is brilliant and I actually love all of them, because they each has this seriousness to it, but the same time is funny, original and creative.


In the end I choose my original idea, because I could see the outcome of that idea being the best, especially when I was thinking about it had to be for a fanzine. This idea would look most handmade and “in your face!”‘ish. At the same time I would also be able to use screenprint for the project.

First Outcome

After several hours trying to find the correct picture, that would create the effect I wanted. In hindsight I should probably have saved some examples of the images that went wrong, because there where really loads! But unfortunately I didn’t do it. In the end I finally found one that could do it. As you can see below.


Am I satisfied with the result? Not quite, but my intend is to talk with Sara during next week and get her feedback on it. Or to hope some of you guys have anything to say??

Conclusion (28/01/2016)

As I couldn’t get this work, I then decided to take a step back and work on one of my other ideas. That have ended up in a new and much cooler idea result, if you ask me, read about it here.

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