Review week (30/11 – 04/12)

I really feel like I should make some broad statement about this week, because it was really good, especially if you compare it to last review week we had. Maybe it was that good because we were so few people, i don’t know, but a lot of people missed out on something good this time.

This time the approach was much more direct, there weren’t wasted as much time, and the change that made the biggest difference, was definitely that we was divided into smaller groups. The smaller group allowed us to have a better approach to each others, and made peers engage a lot more. Peers didn’t just lean back and expected everybody else to do the talking for them, and most of all, actually talked about their own work with a bit more confidence, as they didn’t have to shout out to 15 people, but only to five.


Just as the first review week, we had to choose the two best works within the different workshops. The best works we then had to present to the rest in the afternoon. The smaller groups this time meant that we saw more work in the afternoon, and we had Sara and Ricardo commenting all the time. All things that gives me points to reflect on, and especially on what I could do better in my own work, and what I can learn from others work and thoughts.


Thursday we looked through the blogs, and again we were divided into smaller groups. Here we had to present our own blog to the others. It’s kinda an exercise that makes you realize how much the aesthetics of the blog means to everything. People don’t think about tags or categorizing of the blog posts, but how it looks and attracts the eye. One person I would like to mention who does the aesthetic thing brilliantly is Hannah Gilbank’s blog. The logo font on the front page and the way the blog is listed, is beautiful and so readable. You could though argue that on the front page there should be added features and the text “Homepage” should be removed.

One blog a also have to mention, is Jubedha Akther’s blog, because she posts her blogpost as we are having the class. How about that for up to date. That is absolutely wild if you ask me!


From all the presentations, I also made a list of things that is worth noticing when making a blog. The list is a collection of the things I think is important, and that I will try to build in to my blog.

When it comes to aesthetics, I think my blog is quite good, and I have a clear structure in my work. But as Ricardo mentioned about my blog, I need my pictures to support my projects. That I agree, and at the same time, I want to involve others peoples work, whether it is other peers or professional work.


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