Let us do the talking

Last week Sara wrote to me, and asked if I wanted to come with her and some other students to a school in Golders Green to talk about what we do at the Uni and show our blog and some work. I thought it would be a great opportunity and experience to get, so I said yes.

So today we met up at the Golders Green Underground station and walked to the school, which where located 5 minutes walk from there. We met with the teacher of the class, and where shown their studio and what the students had been making, where some of the work was quite impressive. After that we were taken to the studio where we would be talking to the studio.


One by one the students showed up, and Sara could start the presentation. After she where done, we took turns on presenting our blogs and some of our own work we liked the most. It was a great experience to get, and fun to try and see how your body and head responds to talking in front of a lot of strangers.


After the presentations we had Sara easily convinced to going for a drink in the nearest pub. It wasn’t the fanciest, but none the less a good beer in good company after a fun and successful experience.

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