Workshop – Mark making

Drawing, my perhaps weakest side when it comes to skills within graphic design. I have never had the patience to get around drawing and getting the experience and flow. So my hope is that this week and the drawing workshop after new year will ignite some sort of spark within me, so I can get going with drawing and sketching. None the less I still looked forward to this week and seeing what it would bring.


Additive- & Reductive drawing methods

There are two different ways of doing mark making. The most recognized and used in everyday life is the additive way of doing sketches and drawings. It’s a fast and easy way of making mark making, and therefor the most used when you have to capture everyday moments on the go. The reductive way of doing mark making is the quite opposite, and is a technique that’s used in woodblock- and linoprinting. It’s a technique where you use tools to add the mark to either the dark or light area.


Additive mark making

The first day was already a test of my patience, as we had to do live drawing as people walked through the hallway and created different situations. As I don’t have the flow in my drawing I found it hard to actually draw it fast enough without making it in complete scribbles. But as the time went and after several live drawings, I felt that I got a bit more hold on the technique, even though there is still room for a lot of improvement. I also found it interesting looking at other peoples drawings, and what made them either good or bad as drawings.


The afternoon was then spent making masks. A fun exercise, but an exercise that easily takes away the main focus from mark making to having fun with these masks. Something that especially happened for me and my group. We properly made the best masks. But the time spent should of course have been more focused on the mark making instead.


Reductive mark making

The second day started with, what I saw as something that has been a bit needed, a small lecture about the workshops topic. Something I would have found highly interesting if we had it with the letterpress and about type and fonts. After the small lecture we got a brief called “a view from the top”, the brief was about sketching and using our view from the studio.


From the sketches we should then make reductive mark making in different methods that was presented to us or methods we ourself had an idea about trying. The results was very mixed, and it took a long time to do, and for those who continue with this will probably find a way of doing it, which they can become very familiar with and use continuously. The result that worked the best for me, was actually a test I made, where I tried to see if it was possible to have a spot of ink on the table, and then make the mark making by removing the lines with buds, follow by pressing a piece of paper on top.

The result of that test can be seen in the top right corner in the below image. As it was the best result of all the methods I tried, I then wanted to create it in a bigger scale. The result I’m quite please with. Especially because of the ink have create some kind of background, that is very distressed, and looks really cool.


For me, the conclusion is more that I want to try and get better at drawing, but it will be with the additive method. The reductive method was a fun thing to try, and a good way of learning new methods and maybe it’s something you can use for a project in the future. But it’s not gonna be something I will familiarize me massively with.

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