Workshop – Letterpress

Typography and print; two of my favorite topics within Graphic Design combined into the awesome old fashioned printing style of letterpress. A method that is slowly dying due to newer and more convenient way of printing. But none the less, this has a lot more charm to it, and gives the final artwork more touch and detail. So what can be more awesome than this?

I know, a lot of things properly, and you have to be a geek to really understand this and want spend so much time on setting up your tray with the letters. But I’m obsessed with type, and really has my love set on print. Nothing beats the feeling of the paper in your hand, and the look of the roughly defined edges on your print.


Typography terms

I’ve worked a lot with type, and know a lot of the terms already, but I have never sat down and drawn down the typography terms on a sheet. A way of doing it that is great, and really makes you think about the terms, and the way letters flow. Especially how the difference in the weight of the stem and the arm. A difference that is made to make the letter look equally thick when the eye looks at it.


The idea of my sheet was to create the different types of fonts within the sentence ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’, because it’s a known sentence and heavily used for typography as it contains all the letters in the english alphabet. Within the sentence I then tried to fit in all the other terms and pinpoint them.



A time consuming and frustrating printing method, but none the less fun to do and try. It takes a lot of time, but it still makes you think, and has a good connection to Lino print as well, as the method is very similar. For the print I made myself, I thought it would be fun to create something you would connect with letterpress. So it was meant to be a logo for a typography company. It was frustrating, as I couldn’t find some letters, and had to start all over with a new font.


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