Workshop – Animation

A really interesting workshop, with introduction to stop animation, time to create our own stop animation and feedback from the tutor that made you want to continuo on the work. As mentioned, the workshop was about stop animation, here Adrian introduced us to this form of animation through 5-6 animations that had been made by others.

Animations that may not stuttered me so much in the beginning, but after trying to make my own, I really see what an big effort it takes. Kieron told that he showed the different movies because of the different techniques that had been used. This I saw as a good idea, as you could be inspired when having to think about your own animation.

Watching the animations also brought thoughts to actual commercials which had been made using stop animation combined with real animation. One of them which is the amazing John Lewis christmas commercial ‘The Bear & The Hare’. Which you can see here


Creating my own animation

stopanimation-birdAfter running through a lots of ideas within Adrian’s task about creating a stop animation, where there is a transformation happening, I finally came up with the right idea, that I thought suited what I wanted to do, and I was able to do within the timeline.

The idea became ‘3 Dots’. The animation should have the goal of entertaining the viewer with a cheap laugh. This I wanted to through the three characters, where one was the ‘evil’ and he would hurt one of the others.  The key to creating this animation and making it funny I wanted to be the the facial expressions of the characters. First of all because I wanted to try and play around with it, and then that facial expressions tells a lot, and the right expression will make it funny.

The final movie you can see here

After showing the movie to Kieron, he had a lot of comments and feedback on it. Stuff that could be improved and things you have to consider when doing animations with characters. An way of teaching I really like, because you get feedback, and you suddenly feel that you can improve your work a lot more. At the same time I also find it really inspiring and challenging.

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