Review week

First three weeks with workshops is over, and so it was time to look at what everybody else had made.

Review of final work

The week started with a quick introduction before we where divided into our groups. Here we should look at each others work, and pick the three best works from each workshop. Each person had some time to tell about their work and their thoughts. Here I could maybe have exploited the opportunity a bit better to tell about the screen print, and that I had made it myself. Because it seemed like people thought it was something that I’d just found. In general, if you ask me, many of others should also be more proud of their work, and be more happy about the opportunity to show and tell about their work. The afternoon was then spent on showing of the chosen works to the other groups.

Review of blog

On Thursday the time was devoted to look at the other groups blogs. This we did on a projector, where we looked at one blog at the time. Again we had to choose the three best blogs. This in it self wasn’t quite that hard of a task, as many of them where incomplete and lacked a lot of the general things such as the menu.

For me it was still a good idea and a good way to learn more about your own blog. Because by looking at others and analyzing them, I started to see what I was lacking in my blog, or what I wanted to do better.

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