Hothouse Talk – Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins founded TripleDouble, a multidisciplinary one-man agency, which helps creating collaborative projects for individuals. Paul was the second guest speaker on the list of people to make the hothouse talk, and was a talk I looked a bit more forward to, because I hadn’t seen him before as with That’s Nice.

It ended up being a really interesting talk, where he constantly told good stories, that made you think out of the box and start having creative thoughts in your head. When he talked he always drifted away from what he was talking about and told relevant stories and anecdotes, but still kept himself on the same track all the way through, which really made the talk more interesting.

Paul Jenkins Speedo Sketches

“To become an expert, you got to be an expert”

Paul Jenkins talked about his way of doing things, and how his process is and what he sees as important things to embed into your work and your process. He pinpointed a lot of clear statements such as the quote: “To become an expert, you got to be an expert.” Short quotes that actually is starting to stick to me, become they are so true and at the same time very inspirational.

“People are more important than ideas”

He really opted people to collaborate with different people and get feedback as well. Because different people see different things, and can therefor give new light to your project.

Create before edit

Done is better than perfect, you should always aim to get your project done before you start making it anything near perfect. We live in a visual world and we are visual people, so we need to see things. With that said you shouldn’t keep away from pursuing perfection.


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