Workshop – Applications



The 3rd week of our workshop rotations was an introduction to some of the platforms that’s commonly used in graphic design. Firstly we were introduced to Photoshop through a tutorial from Ricardo, followed up with a brief of making a business card. The second platform was Indesign, which again was presented through a tutorial by Ricardo, and then followed up by a brief. All the tutorials was meant as small introductions to the programs, so we could explore them further by ourself.


The Photoshop tutorial was based on the the recently new features of vector based graphic. They weren’t completely new, but it’s a feature Adobe has started to develop lately,  so I think it was really relevant and a good starting point. For the brief, we were to make a business card from the shapes we could create in Photoshop. I decided to make mine with a shape that I converted into a brush, and then i made a special preset with the brush. The preset was set to make a lot of “random” triangles in different colors and sizes, so every time I used the brush it would give a different effect.

Collage Brief

As a build up to Indesign, we got a brief to make a collage that should give a new meaning to the clenched fist. Either if the meaning of something or a symbol of a case. I choose to focus on the clenched fist as a symbol of victory and celebration in sports. To emphasize it, I made the collage about the danish Euro victory in ’92.


The following Thursday, we got time to finish up our collage, where after we got a brief tutorial to Indesign. The tutorial was focus on the grid system, and worked as in introduction. It told us the basics we needed to know, so we could make the final brief, which was to make a spread about the collage.

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