Workshop – Screen Print


Our second workshop was about screenprint, which is one of the things about graphic design I enjoy most. I love to get my hands on things, feel it and I especially love the look it gets when it’s been handmade. So i was really looking forward to this workshop.


The first day was introduction to the workshop, where I was given my own screen. The screen had to be cleaned correctly, so that I could make our own print with it the following Thursday. It involved a lot of waiting time, cause we where so many people, but when you’re alone I reckon the process will be fast and quite smooth to do.

Cleaning of screen

The only thing I should be aware of, was that the screen may have some ghost images from earlier prints, but this wouldn’t effect our print. But some parts of the ghost image was so dark, that it actually would. So you may had to be aware of where on the screen you place your print.


The artwork

After it was cleaned it had to dry, so the emulsion could applied. After the emulsion had been applied, the screen had to dry again before I could expose it with the artwork. My artwork was made to test how fine you’re able print, and at the same time should reflect the handmade and rough touch that screen printing gives a print. So if the print wouldn’t be 100% fine or perfect, it would actually still contribute to the artwork, and just make it even more unique and give it a rough look.


My first prints was a perfect example of what effect the screenprint can give the artwork, when it didn’t go as planned. So though it turned out bad in regard to the quality of the print, it has actually tribute to the final artwork.


But a perfect print sets out just as beautiful results. It may have lost its ruggedness, but instead it have been given a more exclusive look. This of course also has something to with the colors chosen for the print, I can’t deny that. But it still confirms the diversity of the print, when it comes to the final outcome and the finish the different screenprints will give the artwork.


Pros and Cons

There are so much good and bad to say about screenprint, and I would actually support it all the way, cause I think all the good things about screenprint just makes the cons seem so small. You get a unique result that looks so much better than if it’s printed with a digital printer. It gives the artwork the little touch of ruggedness which makes it so much more beautiful. And it’s just so fun to play with, and you have your hands full on. So for me, the fact that you can only print with one color at the time & the process is quite long just doesn’t matter, cause the result is so much better than if it’s made with a digital printer. Of course you have to take in consideration what job you’re working with, but if the job ever allows it and it would be appropriate to use a screen print, I would do it!


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