Hothouse Talks – It’s Nice That


Friday afternoon offered the first of this years many hothouse talks, which will be featured every 3rd. Friday. The series of talks will come from different Graphic Designers, Design Agencies, Illustrators etc.. And this Friday it was It’s Nice That. 

As a part of the Studio Culture Week we visited It’s Nice That, which you can read more about HERE. But I was actually excited to see if this was just gonna be the same or something completely new. But though the visit was more focused on how their studio was designed, this talk wasn’t maybe that much more different from it. Almost all of the same things where told again, and questions from peers didn’t give any new insight either.

This may be a bit of a dull statement, and really doesn’t do the talk justice. Cause even though it was a bit short, was it a good talk and I still captured a few things I didn’t see so important the first time i heard them at the visit. And it’s still some of the things that really inspires you at Uni! So wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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