Workshop – Photography


The first workshop out of three, in a three week program with a new workshop every week. The first week was about photography. We had to make an typology of photos we where to take the following days, and afterwards make the typology in an 5 page magazine. 

My typology

A typologi is a series of images of the same object in different backgrounds, a group of images of a theme or different object with some sort of connections. My typology is different tube signs, where you can see the different backgrounds they have at each tube station.


The  article

The purpose with my typology is to show the different tube stations, and how they look before and after the upgrades made by TFL. At the same time I try to raise some questions about if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that they upgrade them with this new futuristic look.

It all leads towards making a bigger project of it all, where with some research and some more images, this could actually be a good an interesting article. So in the future this could may well be a project I will work further on, and answer the questions instead of just raising them.


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