Visit: It’s Nice That


It’s Nice That is a studio that were started in 2007 by the two straight out of Uni guys, Alex & Will. Their core idea of starting something where they can celebrate the graphic business, has now grown into a studio with 20 creative designers & writers. The studio now produces two annual magazines, numerous posts on their website, conferences and talks. All which is told and written in a playful and celebrating tone.



A glimpse of The 2014 It’s Nice That Annual Magazine.

The first thing you sense, when entering the door to It’s Nice That is a bright and spacious room filled with relaxing music. You don’t really sense any creativity, more or less some kind of relaxing atmosphere. The atmosphere continues through the open room, and to the big table where they eat lunch. Before the lunch table they have small booths, where people can sit if they want to be alone and focus for them selves. But you still lack some sort of creative feeling, or a sense of this should be a inspired workplace filled with young lively people. The only thing you could sense, was the relaxation, the no stress, just two people silently sitting in a booth with their computers.


But as Emily Gosling from It’s Nice That started to talk about the outlay of the office, it became clear, that it was meant to be like that. Because when you went through the door to the workspaces, the atmosphere changed. Then you suddenly find yourself in the mess, and the buzz of people that defines a creative culture in a studio. You could really feel something was happening, whereas in the lobby and the communal area, it was more or less silent.



So what It’s Nice That actually have done, is to divide the office into two, a creative workspace where you work and feel the creativity in the air, and a communal space where you can relax, clear your head or look at the huge library of books and magazines stacked in the bookcase.

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