Introduction to Photography


Photography has become a common thing and everyone can take a picture with their phone now. But not many know what a good picture is about, and how capture the beauty and the essence of the moment or the object. Nor do many know the different settings and techniques it requires to capture it. 

For it to be a good photograph it’s important to get across the image, and make it easy to interpret for the viewer. So to be able to do that, you need to understand your scene, and what you’re taking a picture of.

Some of the best things to do when photographing objects or scenes, is to always take a picture of the whole thing and 1 or 2 of details. Where the detail pictures are of important things, that makes the object or the scene special, f.ex. 3D, color, texture etc.. You also have to think about putting it in contrast, and what background you’re using. So make the background contribute to the picture, and highlight or capture the essence of the object or scene.

When shooting an installation or scene, it is also important to use the lens and shutter speed correctly, so you get the right light and the right mood for the picture.

But what about the technical stuff? You can read all you want about it, but you will only learn it if you take it to action, and try the settings out with your camera. This is what sets the difference between a good photographer and a normal person. They know how to adjust the ISO, shutter speed and Aperture to get the right exposure in the picture. Because where cameras on phones automatically does this for you, photographers do it by themselves with their cameras.

For us to try this and get familiar with it, we where given the opportunity to play around with cameras and try to make mugshots, where we should find the right exposure for the picture, and also use the natural light to our advance.

_MG_0766     MugshotsWordPress

Some of the results of the task.

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