Teamwork and Blog


We was taught visually how to create a blog, and then teamed up into groups to then go off and create it ourselves. Now, it doesn’t sound like a big task right? But that’s part of the task itself, not actually creating the blog. But working as a team. For a team to work well together, there is a lot of things that needs to connect together. For example, if the group is consisting of purely alfa males and people who wants to be in charge, then there will be some “in-fight” because everybody wants to be in charge. Though it can also be the other way round, and no one wants to be in charge, which is an equal bad thing. All in the group also needs to be equal active, because if one doesn’t do any work, others may think: “If he doesn’t do anything, then why should I?”. It can also be a problem if some may not feel they are good enough, and therefor don’t dare to speak up. Everybody should feel they have some to contribute with.

But if all these things work together, then you will have a good group, where you’ll benefit from each other.

What makes a good blog then? Well, like the quote we were told, “when everybody zigs, zag”. You should do the blog in a normal way, so people can relate to it’s a blog. But most of all, you have to make your blog special, why should anybody read your blog, if it’s just the same as 1000 already out there. Make it stand out in some way, so in that way people will notice it and read it. Or else you will simple just “FAIL”.

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