Personalities – Adrian’s Talk


Not only in visual communication, but also in the wider field of arts and design every artist adds a note of his own personality to his work, thus it is important to know oneself. I believe that the activities which took place on Monday, were meant to help us learn a few things about our own personality.

For Adrian’s first exercise we were placed into groups of eight, and played a game in which we would attempt to throw a ball into a cone. We were given one shot each, and a choice between two cones, one close and one further away. The closer cone was worth five points and the further ten. You could either take the risk and get more points, or go for the closer one that had better chance of success. It was a great way to open up and meet new people, but I believe that the actual purpose of the game was to see, which individuals that are willing to take bigger risks to achieve more.

For the second exercise we had another group activity, which involved us ranking ourselves based on self esteem and confidence. What surprised me in this activity, was how few people thought that they were confident enough to rank themselves above the middle of the class. Then we were told to change people in the ranking judging purely by their physical appearance, which is almost impossible to do without getting to know someone better. This activity was related to the fact that in visual communication, you will often have to present to an audience, and have a good level of confidence.

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