Zine Workshop


A Zine is a short for a magazine or fanzine. They are usually self-published and focused on the creator’s passions and interests. The quality of them can vary from simple photocopied booklets to high-quality, glossy publications.

Zines could be used in my course work to add another element to a project or to advertise a cause I’m passionate about.

The steps to make a zine that were shown to me in the class, are as follows…

First assemble personal items from your pocket, or items that have personal meaning to you, on a photocopier and photocopy. Then proceed to layer images and drawings, as well as colours, over the original to create a layered piece.


Once this is completed to your satisfaction, you can then start to construct your zine. This is done by folding the sheet of paper in half widthways and then folding the edges into the centre fold. Then you fold once lengthways and open it back out. Once the folding is done, make a small incision across the central half of the paper.

All that is required now is to hold the edges and push the paper in on its self. The zine should automatically form a small booklet.


If you wish you can also add a belly band, logo and price.

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